The satisfaction with Herlufsholm Summer School is high.

We evaluate the Summer School to base new initiatives on the children's feedback. In 2019 99 % stated that they were satisfied with the Summer School, and 94 % would recommend it to others.

Comments from the participant's evaluation:

"I am happy that I learnt Danish because my dad tried to teach me but I was no good at it. Here I remember what I learned and that's great."

"Sofie (the music teacher) has an understanding of music which i just Unique and cool, and from her I was able to learn how to incorporate an array of different rythms and styles. She was a really good teacher."

"It was the best summer school I have been in and thank you for the two weeks and activities and for all the teachers."

"I thought that Herlufsholm was loads of fun, and I would like to come back next year because I really liked it and I made loads of new and good friends from all over the world."

Elever - Fællesbillede 

Comments from the parent's evaluation:

"We chose Herlufsholm because the school offers a high standard of teaching and facilities."

"It was first time for our family to participate. We are very impressed by everyone at Herlufsholm. Your dedication, skills, positive approach and strong commitment to make it the best two weeks ever for everbody are highly appriciated."

"My child went last year and it was a huge success. She improved her Danish and got an understanding of Denmark and its culture right under her skin. The team of teachers made a big impression on her, and she expressed that she loved how they were all fun and like friends, it felt like one big family."

"I know that it has been a life changing experience for my child. I just want to tell you that after the first visit to Herlufsholm last year, she came home and said she wanted me to find her a Danish tutor, because she wanted to improve her Danish. I contacted the Danish Embassy in London and got a tutor for her. We spend 1.5 hrs most Sundays. I think it ways a lot about what Herlufsholm Summer school has done for her."

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