Herlufsholm Summer School is two weeks filled with learning, fun and exciting experiences set in the historical setting of Herlufsholm Boarding School, founded in the 16th century.

Herlufsholm Luftfoto 2020

Herlufsholm Summer School is primarily designed for young people, age 12-16, from all over the world who want to learn Danish and who reside outside of Denmark with their parents, or children living in Denmark.

The program is for those, who wish to improve their Danish language skill and who want to learn more about Denmark and Danish society and culture, or for Danes living in Denmark who wish to improve their English language skill.

Every participant has four lessons each day, three of which focus on Danish reading and writing skills according to the level of each individual.


We group students based on their current Danish knowledge with the aim of creating the optimal framework for learning, self-confidence and improvement of language skills.

The participants will be given many opportunities to engage themselves in thrilling and challenging activities while socializing and making new friends with like-minded young people.

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