Herlufsholm Summer School 2018

Welcome to Herlufsholm Summer School 2018.

Please download our brochure: Herlufsholm Summer School 2018

Our summer school invites young people, age 13-15, from all over the world to join us for two weeks of Danish language courses, fun activities and cultural exploration.

In 2018 the summer school is from July 21th to August 4th.

Herlufsholm Summer School is primarily designed for young people, who reside outside of Denmark with their parents, or living in Denmark as expats.

The program is for those, who wish to improve their Danish language skills, learn more about Denmark and Danish society and culture, while also participating in recreational activities such as games, sports, music, and arts.

The summer school has opened up to Danish children, who wish to spend two weeks in an international environment, improving their English skills and making friends from all over the world. 

The children will be mixed giving them the opportunity to make friends across boarders and for all to practice their Danish/English skills as well as see their own culture in a new perspective. When the students from abroad are having their Danish lesion, the Danish children will be working on a english project.


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