News | 22.03.2022

Summer School 2022

Unfortunately, we are fully booked at the moment.

In case of cancellations from participants, we would still like to receive applications - in this case we will put you on our waiting list. 


Herlufsholm Summer School takes place from July 16 to July 30, 2022.


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News | 30.09.2020

Summer School 2021

Would you like to join Herlufsholm Summer School?

The summer school takes place from 24th of July to 7th of August, 2021.

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News | 21.10.2019

Summer School 2020

Would you like to join Herlufsholm Summer School?

Here you will spend 2 weeks together with a lot of other young people from all over the world.

The summer school takes place from 18th of July to 1st of August, 2020.

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News | 14.08.2019

It's time for Thank You!

Thank you to all participants for two fantastic fun and eventful weeks.

Hope to see you again next year.

If you would like to participate in the summer school 2020, keep an eye on the summer school website and Facebook page.

The summer school dates for 2020 will be announced at the end of September.

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News | 01.01.0001

Danish children are now invited to Herlufsholm Summer School

Herlufsholm Summer School has so far focused on Danish children living abroad, welcoming them to Denmark and teaching them Danish. But now the Summer School has opened up to Danish children, who wish to spend two weeks in an international environment, improving their English skills and making friends from all over the world.


The children will be mixed giving them the opportunity to make friends across boarders and for all to practice their Danish/English skills as well as see their own culture in a new perspective. When the students from abroad are having their Danish lesion, the Danish children will be working on a media project learning about presentation techniques, interviews and how to plan a movie including recording, editing and clipping – and they will in some cases include all the students in a joined language video project.


The summer school’s joined program offers physical recreation and creative activities. Every day the students (both International and Danish) will participate in sports and games, and all must sign up for music, arts or drama. In addition to this the days will be packed with social activities, cozy nights and excursions.


We are looking forward to having this Danish-International mix and hope that many Danish children will see this as an opportunity to have two fun and interesting weeks at Denmark’s oldest boarding school.


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