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Herlufsholm Skole was originally erected as a Benedictine monastery, founded in 1135 and called Skovkloster or Monestery in the forrest. During the Reformation in Denmark the Danish kind Christian III seized the monestary and in 1560 Herluf Trolle and his wife Birgitte Gøye took possession of the monastery by tradin in their home Hillerødsholm (which later was renamed Frederiksborg). The couple renamed their new home Herlufsholm.

Herlufsholm Skole was founded only 5 years later in 1565 and celebrated 450 years as a school in 2015.

Today Herlufsholm Skole is a private school for day students and with boarding facilities. We have approximately 650 students of both genders, around 250 are boarding students and the rest are day students, who primarily live in the local community. Herlufsholm offers the Danish lower secondary education (grundskole) from 6th-10th grade as well as the upper secondary education (gymnasiet) from 1.g-3.g. Besides the Danish programmes the school also offers two international educations for students who wish to take an education taught in English. We offer a prepatory class called Pre-IB and the international baccalaureate IB.

It is important for Herlufsholm Skole to keep honouring its historical heritage, show gratitude towards the school’s founders, and give the students a possibility to be part of a historical tradition of learning, curiosity, and manners. As one of the only schools in Denmark, Herlufsholm Skole has a school uniform, and the school is also known for its traditions and special initiatives, including the Herlovian language, Bird Shooting event, and a strong, lifelong alumni network.


If you wish to read more about the school, please see www.herlufsholm.dk.



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